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Shanghai: continue to enhance the level of openness in the field of Medicine

In October 2017, China formally promulgated the Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Actively Promoting Supply Chain Innovation and Application, which marks the new era of supply chain innovation and application in China.

In order to meet the fortieth anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the first China International Import Exposition, the Shanghai Municipal Government implemented the Shanghai Municipal Committee's "Shanghai Municipal Government's Action Plan to Accelerate the Establishment of a New Open Economic System through Important Measures of Further Expanding the Opening-up of the State" and "Shanghai First International Medicinal Supply Chain Summit Forum 2018" It is held. This forum is co-directed by Shanghai Commercial Committee and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, co-sponsored by Shanghai International Medical Supply Chain Alliance, Drug Safety Cooperation Alliance and Shanghai Pudong Medical Device Trade Association, and hosted by China Medical Industry Information Center. About 600 government officials, research institutes and executives from enterprises and institutions related to the pharmaceutical supply chain at home and abroad attended.

This forum is closely linked with the important work of "Preparing for an International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Platform for Domestic and Foreign Trade" and the medical equipment and medical care plate safeguard service of China International Import Exposition, one of the 100 important measures to expand the opening of Shanghai. In June 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission and Shanghai Food and Drug Administration issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the City's Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The pharmaceutical supply chain and health services have become two key points for Shanghai to build a modern drug distribution system during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. It is understood that Shanghai has two enterprises listed in the national supply chain innovation pilot, three enterprises listed in the national key product traceability system demonstration project construction, marking the Shanghai pharmaceutical supply chain innovation into a new height.

Liu Wei, deputy director of the Market Order Department of Shanghai Commerce Commission, said in his speech that the construction of the international pharmaceutical supply chain platform for domestic and foreign trade will be divided into two levels. One is to build a public service platform for the international pharmaceutical supply chain through the integration of the supply chain, relying on the single window of international trade and international common rules. To build a supply chain service system with the functions of facilitating customs clearance, quality supervision, industry integrity and product traceability; to build an international pharmaceutical supply chain information platform for domestic and foreign trade and a pharmaceutical supply chain traceability platform for international UDI rules. This pharmaceutical supply chain traceability cloud platform will rely on international trade orders. One window and the national key product traceability system demonstration project, to break through the production/import, circulation and hospital terminal logistics and information flow, currently there are medicines, Chinese medicine, Johnson & Johnson, Boko, Changlian and other industry leading enterprises stationed.

At the forum, the Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Alliance, consisting of 45 supply chain-related units, held an opening ceremony. Six rotating directors, including Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings, China Pharmaceutical Holdings, Yitong Shares, Waigaoqiao and Donghao Lansheng, started the ceremony of jointly constructing the Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Platform.

This forum focuses on the "open and shared drug and equipment supply chain traceability model discussion", standing in the "Shanghai-based, service Yangtze River Delta, leading the country, covering the world" height, to promote the smooth implementation of the international pharmaceutical supply chain platform for domestic and foreign trade in Shanghai. Through this seminar, integrating domestic and foreign resources, actively participating in the formulation of international prevailing industry standards, through the integrated supply chain information platform and the "6+365" exhibition of the construction of direct selling center in the pharmaceutical field of China Import Exposition, it will effectively promote the preparation of the international pharmaceutical supply chain platform for the domestic and foreign trade in Shanghai. Efforts should be made to enhance the level of opening up of Shanghai in the field of medicine.

The forum carried out the regulations of the State Pharmaceutical Administration and other departments that enterprises must meet the requirements of the main traceability, and discussed traceability issues from different perspectives of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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